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How does Dolby Atmos Music work


Dolby Atmos Music is a new technology that allows for an immersive and multi-dimensional listening experience. It works by encoding sound in a way that makes it possible for individual elements of a song to be placed and moved within a three-dimensional space.

To create a Dolby Atmos Music mix, a sound engineer must first record each individual instrument or vocal track separately. Then, using Dolby’s Atmos Production Suite software, the engineer can place each element of the song in a three-dimensional space, assigning them specific locations and movements.

The final mix is then played back on a compatible device, such as a Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar or headphones. The listener can experience the music as if they were sitting in the middle of the recording studio, with sounds coming from all around them and even above them.

Dolby Atmos Music also supports a technology called “object-based audio,” which allows for individual elements of a song to be isolated and processed separately. This means that a listener can adjust the volume or EQ of a specific instrument or vocal track, without affecting the rest of the mix.

Overall, Dolby Atmos Music offers a new level of immersion and control in music listening, allowing for a more dynamic and personalised experience.